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(8 Oct, 2023)

Welcome to a trip with the steam train from Jädraås!

Jädraås is situated in the Iron Land of Gästrikland (a province 200 km north of Stockholm) – a part of Sweden where iron mines and blast furnaces once gave life and activity to the district. In the year 1881 the railway was connected to the village. About 6 kilometres of the old narrow gauge track is still left, but now as the museum society Jädraås – Tallås Railway, JTJ, with train traffic as it looked like a hundred years ago.
How to find Jädraås, press here.

Start the trip from Jädraås and travel with the train to Svartbäcken Nedre. On return travel the train makes a longer stop at Tallås. Here you can disembark for a pause at the old station environment from 1880s. Café Mallet is serving coffee, soft drinks, buns and more. You are also welcome to bring your own packed lunch.

Traffic days 2024:
The steam trains run Sundays 16 June to 1 September and Saturday 22 July and 3 August. Timetable.

Ticket prices:
Adults: Round-trip 120 SEK (One-way trip 70 SEK)
Children 7-17 years: Round-trip 60 SEK (One-way trip 35 SEK)
Day ticket for unlimited travels during one day, 200 SEK (Children 7-17 years 100 SEK).

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JTJ is a part of former Dala-Ockelbo-Norrsundets Railway, DONJ. The common task was to transport goods for iron and timber works. DONJ was closed in 1970. At JTJ there are 5 steam engines, among them two very large that was built to haul heavy timber loads up the steep hills along the line of DONJ. JTJ also have several diesel engines, about 15 passenger cars and almost 50 freight cars of different kinds from DONJ and other railways.